IIWA Research

As the theme of 2017 APEC WEF 'Enhancing Women's Inclusion and Economic Empowerment in the Changing World' suggests, the inclusion of (more) women in the society has been promoted not only to realize in the region. Yet, advocating the women's (economic) inclusion stays rather at the high level talks, but hardly seen among the ordinary people's lives. Inequalities of oppotunities and treatments still exist in various aspects and women are still struggling due to various barriers.

Meanwhile, in the current knowledge information society and the age of 4th industrial revolution, scenes of business and daily life are changing fast in almost all the economies. To survive through and furthermore, to benefit from this highly transformative environments, it is important for women to understand the new and must have technologies, to arm themselves with the spirit of innovation, and to engage themselves fully in cultivating their inner talents.

Against this backdrop, it is necessary to inform (APEC) women of the current trends of the 4th industrial revolution and share success stories of women entrepreneurs, especially, in the ICT/smart-technology businesses. Having and listening to these exemplary figures will bring up the morale of local women and solidarity amongst them as well as it will help APEC economies' leaders in comprehending diverse difficulties which their women are facing and getting the useful insights to promote economic integraion of women in their countries.